Our People


Jennie Doran :: Owner

Jennie is the artist and designer behind Room Service. With a degree in fashion design and couture pattern-making, her background represents a diverse array of fields including fine art sales, event design and production, set and costume design, visual merchandising and art direction.

Elevating the unexpected through the use of a wide variety of materials, mediums and techniques motivates her work within the ever-evolving environment at Room Service. She is challenged and inspired by the dynamic community of artists and clients with whom she is fortunate to interact and collaborate.

Jennie has been known to gesture excitedly while making up new words to describe her work and relationships at R/S. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.


Andrew Worm :: Co-owner

Andrew walked into Room Service in 2013 to pick up a gift and ended up marrying the owner (not on the same visit). He brings a lifetime of storytelling on stage and on film to his work at R/S, as well as a passion for creating unique experiences for customers and clients. He will talk your ear off about his latest idea, your latest idea, or the Green Bay Packers.


In addition to Room Service, Jennie and Andrew have a 500 sq ft urban farm ("La Luciole"), six chickens, two cats, and Emile. They practice growing things, cooking things, speaking French, and designing and redesigning their living spaces.

Our Story

Together our work at Room Service is that of storytellers. Our shop tells the story of what we love, what we believe and what we hold most dear. In our space and our products, we strive to speak to beauty, creativity, and workmanship.

We see our space as a laboratory, a place where beautiful, design-forward and often surprisingly practical objects live within deeply considered visual stories. We endeavor to find the objects that brighten the quotidian, that bring joy when used, worn, or given.

Our continually evolving displays are designed to bring wonder and discovery to the moments spent here, the unique experience of a brick and mortar. A call to be here, to be curious, and to discover.

Our philosophy is that the act of giving is one of the most important human expressions and we work to impart product that makes that act a joy.

We can't wait to share with you!