Eco Seed Starter :: Tea Series

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Eco Seed Starter :: Tea Series


At one of our first dates at a little restaurant in L.A., they finished the meal by serving a small french press full of fresh mint leaves and hot water. We haven't found a better way to end a meal. With this kit of three refreshing herbs, we are looking forward to having fresh teas all summer long.

Self-watering seed kits are outfitted in a reusable glass canning jar with a hemp wick that pulls water into a transplantable coco husk pot. Start by sprouting seeds indoors, then transplant the seedlings and biodegradable coco pot outside into a garden or patio container.

  • Certified Organic Mint, Bee Balm, and Lemon Basil Seeds.
  • ¼ L Weck™ Canning Jars
  • Biodegradable Coco Pots
  • Recycled Glass and Coco Husk Growing Medium
  • Hemp Wicks
  • Plant Food
  • Instructions—Both Seed Starting and Growing On
  • Clear Gift Box

Awesomely assembled in the USA.

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