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Kentucky Derby
Pony Party
This weekend we've got lots of ways to shop for your momma (or ANY fabulous human that showed you what mommas can be)...
Friday's just got a little sweeter... R/S will be open until 7pm on the most glorious day of the week- we invite you to swing through before you hit the town, shop a bit, and sip some champagne with us!!

Can't wait??
This Saturday marks the 142nd Kentucky Derby, and we'll be celebrating the Run for the Roses with tastings of Clark Pope's new Cocktail Syrups (mint julep anyone??), little Derby day bites, and a live stream of the race! In keeping with the Derby feel, we've got killer new hats and brand new vintage from The Disco Emporium. Place your bets!


Careful, they spit..
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We like a good "Meet the Maker" series as much as the next guy, but what about those questions you really want to ask ...

Thankfully Andrea Brown, Lead Designer at Danica Studio was willing to have a little fun with what we just had to know about her new Llamarama line, available now in store and online ...

R/S:: Your llamas have very distinct personalities. One is definitely a little sassy and the other is always happy to help. Did you interview a lot of llamas before deciding on these two?

AB:: The selection process was rigorous and we went on location to chat with the shortlisted llamas from all over South America, the USA and Canada. Overall fluffiness, ear perkiness and previous modeling skills were all high on our priority list. We also wanted to ensure we represented a wide range of llama personalities and didn’t promote any stereotypes.

R/S:: Many of our customers are afraid of being spit on by llamas. What would you say to them?

AB:: Always bow or curtsy to a llama before approaching and avoid bringing up their close cousin, the camel. Family reunions are always peppered with questions about why the llama kids don’t have mad water retention skills, humps in general, or lucrative tobacco contracts.

R/S:: If your llamas had human voices — first of all that would be AMAZING — what would they sound like?

AB:: The sassy one sounds a lot like Salma Hayek, the grumpy one is a bit gravelly like Louis CK and I definitely hope one sounds like Michael Caine because he spent some time training in London to pursue his Llama theatre career. He wanted to make Llama Drama.

R/S:: Were you partially raised by llamas or were you saved from a burning building by a brave llama?

AB:: Both.

R/S:: Your llamas appear to be hard at work. What exactly are they carrying in their baskets (if it is guns or drugs, please don’t answer)?

AB:: Um, llamas are secretly very vain so these baskets contain extensive beauty kits disguised as mangos.

R/S:: If you count llamas instead of sheep to get to sleep, will you dream in Spanish?

AB:: Oh for sure, and you will also become an Incan princess and eat fresh ceviche.

There you have it, straight from the llama's... aw, you get it. Thanks again Andrea, you're tops!!

Check out the whole herd here.
Andrea Brown hails from Vancouver, Canada and spends much of her time drawing things, hugging willing animals and listening to 80s synth pop. Her inspiration is fueled by macabre British mystery novels, mountain hikes and tacos.
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Good morning
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Chai Glass Rack


"The sharp fragrance of tea was first, the cinnamon, pepper, and other spices slowly emerged into the cool morning air and then finally, as it all came to a boil, the caramel scent of sugar added last. A cotton cloth served for filtering and no tea cups, just small sturdy glasses as was the local custom. The morning focus, nearly every day, was this chai ritual. It would be several hours yet before a breakfast could be had and chai’s familiar aromatic warmth was a like a first greeting from a friend, constant and intimate, a small ceremony that never failed to soften my face in a grateful smile." - Daniele G., excerpted from the Chai Diaries.

Chai Rack and Notebook
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Tea generously provided by Rooted in Cleveland, exclusively local produce and locally roasted coffee at Cleveland's historic West Side Market.


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