12 Rituals for Autumn

There is a romance to autumn. A season that beckons every one of our senses.. Soak in every bit of it with us, with these autumn rituals. 


1. Tend thoughtfully, mindfully to your garden spaces... harvest the last of summer’s bounty, think about what and how next season might look, and prep your beds for fall and winter. Given all the rain, my Dahlias are just now in their prime, and I am soaking them up. Other plants have me moving into major seed saving, and of course, we're eating so many fried green tomatoes..:) Savor the end of season in your growing spaces.

2. Cook a new (to you) soup/stew/braise-y things. Like this one here, or this one too! I will never tire of soup season. Never ever.

3. Visit a new coffee shop with a friend and enjoy a slow morning together. 

4. Light a candle to make evenings, mornings, or really any damn time of the day feel more intentional. (we so recommend Herland Home’s dawn candle, with notes of ginger, teak, leather, and vetiver…) The warmth and scent are everything we believe in when it comes to candles. Also, our beeswax beauties by Mithras are so so very special...

5. As the leaves turn, and that autumn smell happens, take a long stroll around one of Cleveland’s Metroparks- they are ever so well designed and thoughtful, we've worked with them a bunch this last year and are just over the moon for their work (you could pack a picnic, we do! Props to Ohio City Provisions for our favorites). 

6. As the evenings turn darker earlier, host a candlelit dinner party, inviting everyone to bring a favorite fall dish (see soups above...) Serving plenty of red wine, and ghia too!

7. A practice that’s healthy during the turn of every season… dedicate some time to write. Reflect a bit on what you’re grateful for from the previous season, what did it bring you? Then perhaps what you’re most looking forward to for the coming season. Set intentions.

8. Spend a weekend preparing your home for the new season… pull out the chunkier blankets and throws, sprinkle extra candles on surfaces (one can never ever go wrong with a beautiful taper...), add natural elements in line with the season- branches from your yard, late season florals, gourds (!), acorns - whatever makes you feel grounded and connected to the natural surroundings of this season. I scatter all manner of things, I adore the form and shape they take in the home. Don't be scared to go big, impact always works!

9. Watch a fave movie set in autumn… When Harry Met Sally, Edward Scissorhands, Hocus Pocus, Good Will Hunting... we love them, we watch them. We eat too much popcorn...

10. Build a fire and spend an afternoon reading. Need some new titles? Try this.

11. Plan a visit to a small, or smallish town (they seem synonymous with fall, don’t they??) Cleveland-area friends, take a drive to Chagrin Falls, Medina, or a road trip to Granville. 

12. And last but not least… sometimes you just need to spend some time at a good old classic pumpkin patch. Yep, we get it. (It was actually a direct request from me to Andrew last year so...)  Here’s a round-up of spots for locals via Cleveland Scene. Also, scoop up loads of concord grapes if you can find them, you'll never regret it.



Jennie & Andrew
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