April Mood Board

April quite literally means"to open," and that is exactly what our focus is this month... the opening and welcoming of the new season, and staying open to all the new possibilities...



The forever rewarding, (and sometimes humbling!) germination process of the early seeds we started last month. So many more to come! (We shared our seed starting process here!)



The wooden wick crackle of our National Parks candles burning at the shop...


Asparagus, arugula, radishes! Peas and strawberries soon! The return of Spring produce just sings to our farmer spirits (and palates!) If you're looking for recipes and guidance on eating in tune with the seasons, check out Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm by Annemarie Ahearn. She's a returning favorite- we've cooked each of her Full Moon menu in their time, and it's seasonal perfection.

 Fresh harvest day aromas, captured in these sweet tiny tins.  


The shift of seasons -- in the foods my body craves ( I'm working to listen to her more!), the welcomed adjustment to more evening sunlight, and in our daily routine, as more time and attention is spent at La Luciole.  

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