Candles for Fall


It's the coziest season of them all and I want to make sure you have the best candles at home to release the season's comforting aromas into your spaces. This year we're thinking outside of pumpkin and cinnamon, craving instead the warmer notes of wildflowers and late-season fruits. Here are my top three candles picks for fall.



Keynotes:: jasmine, lavender, orange, and patchouli.

This scent feels introspective and rich, one to fill the spaces you linger in... create, read, think, rest. A scent for quietude. For me, it sparks a sense of late evenings, silk on leather, the faintest of night jasmine through the last days of open windows.  

Lehua Honey

Keynotes:: raw honey, wildflowers, mountain greens, ylang ylang, and honeyed tobacco.

This is travel and journey to me... it's the sanctuary of a place that I can't be now, but hope to be again, and think of as the days get shorter and darker. The sweet Ohi'a blossom scent is so distinct to me. It speaks to a very particular spot on the planet - a singular place, with breezes that carry that ever potent scent memory in a way you won't feel anywhere else. 


Keynotes:: sage, grapefruit, moss, lavender, and musk.

Speaks of fall fruit... pears that have seen the late, late summer sun, turning sweeter with cold nights. A tiny bit of citrus on the endnote bringing bright cleanliness to the finish. Like zest in the crust of a cooling fall pie. It matches, for me, that transitional feel... the shift from still warm days into golden, light-drenched colder evenings. It's late-season fruit and the musk of leaves and wet earth. 

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