December Mood Board

December- to many, is a month of tradition. From gathering and giving, to reflecting on the close of a year, we're greeted by December with familiar feelings, scents, and to-dos -- some good, and of course, some a little more intense. Inspired by these varying traditions, this month I'm looking to traditional spaces ( I always find comfort there) and pulling out the warm tones and textures of the past, and rethinking them in a fresh, yet still comforting way. 


The season's first (legit) snowfall blanket our garden.


The crackle of the wooden wick candles we turn to for the winter months. Love the multi-sensory situation that these provide.


The sweet notes of summer, savored in this jar, to keep me satisfied through winter.

Botanical goodness from this plant medicine lotion, that keeps my skin satisfied and glowing during the dry, dry months (she can be a cruel mistress in the cold!). My fascination with fungi and its properties spread to all avenues of health and well being. We could all do well to learn from the mycological ecosystem and what it means for interconnectivity!!


A bit tired, and very reflective. This year was a beast, but she's nearly over. We were all forced to learn so much this year through uncontrollable circumstances, weren't we? There was a lot more quiet,  (sometimes forced) which I have found to be illuminating in so many ways. What, where, and how do we spend our energies? What elements need to shift in our own practices and as a culture as a whole? So very much to consider.

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