Gifts for the Home Cook

As small business owners, we know firsthand the importance of shopping small year-round, but especially during the holiday season. We thought we'd highlight some of our favorite gift ideas for the home cooks and home bakers in your life, with a small biz twist! All of these items support local shops, small business owners and creators.  Any are great to gift individually or group a few together for a tasty gift bundle. We've rounded-up all the links to shop directly from and support local shops, below!


1. Toast Slice Serving Board from Good Day Shop:: a handcrafted and hand finished wooden serving board, made by Studio Inko, in a fun toast shape! This gift supports the maker behind this design, and another local shop we love, Good Day Shop, based in Madison, WI. 

2. Toasted Caramel Salad Bowl:: Ok, we threw in another pick from Good Day Shop because we adore its curation of kitchen and table items. This speckled stoneware bowl is a beautiful, multi-functional choice... it has the tiniest spout on the side, making it easy to pour a freshly made sauce or dressing from. 

3. Oro Blanco Vinegar by Tart Vinegar:: This bottle of sunshine is R/S team member, Andi's, favorite. If we know anything, it's to trust Andi's food recs. 

4. Chai Masala by Diaspora Co.:: If you've been here awhile, you know we love our Diaspora Co. cooking spices... so we're confident that this chai masala blend (a best-seller for them) is just as delicious. And just a beautiful one to gift, ya?

5. Toasted Sesame Oil by momofuku:: any enthusiastic home cook (or avid cooking / restaurant show viewer) will recognize the momofuku name and be happy to add this product their pantry stock. 

6. Quilted Patchwork Oven Mitt from Room Service:: A kitchen basic but in gorgeous, handcrafted form. The gift the home cook would want to buy for themself, but you beat them to it. :) 

7. Sir King Arthur Double Dark Cocoa:: a gift for the serious baker in your life... so many recipes call for black or double dark cocoa because it is a much more rich version than your regular cocoa. So delight your bakers with this treat, so they can go on and make more delicious treats!

8. Classic French Rolling Pin from Ennis Park:: a beautiful, handmade tool for the baker... possibly one to pair with another baking good on this list!  

9. Homemade Basics cook book from Room Service:: this is a special book we just had to include. You only need to flip through a few pages to realize the amount of work, love, and thought that went into creating this cookbook, featuring the author's own illustrations, and beautiful photography from her home life. 

10. Small Shuro from Good Neighbor:: A sweet + simple, beautifully handcrafted tool to wipe crumbs off countertops and tables. Each shuro was handcrafted by maker, Sarah Hrovoski, and sold by Good Neighbor, a fun local shop in Baltimore we recently discovered. 

11. Large Olive Wood Spoon from The Foundry:: For mixing, stirring, serving... a beautiful, chubby spoon from a home goods shop in Minneapolis we love to support. 

12. Filthy Cocktail Picks by Filthy:: a fun stocking stuffer idea for the home cook who enjoys a cocktail while they cook...


We hope you find these gift ideas helpful! Feel free to add any favorites to this list by leaving your recs in the comments! xo

Team R/S
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