June Mood Board

The senses inspiring us at this time

in early summer...



Ru explore new places as a fully mobile little creature! - after short trips to see family in both Washington and Wisconsin, the first time since he was tiny tiny.


The hum coming from the new bee hive in our garden! We've planned long and hard about bringing these bee babies into the fold at La Luciole- we're a little intimated, but alot excited. They really are a most welcome element here as we ever grow our garden offerings. 


Vinegars crafted thoughtfully by the beloved Brightland team, coming this month to the shop!!

Hints of lavender, from these Mast Chocolate bars... the best way to satisfy a sweets craving. (Ours in the garden hasn't fully flushed out yet..)


The summer season officially settle in... after a few trips, late evening dinners in the garden, and seeing the shop's new arrivals for summer come in... it feels like we finally made it!

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