May Mood Board

What's on our minds and moving us this month of May...



The greenhouse at La Luciole full to bursting with new plant life... we have been studying our newest additions to the gardener's library, The New Heirloom Garden and Botanical many beautiful thoughts and uses for the bounty to come.


Ru "read" along to Frederick, a classic children's story and also the one we'll be kicking off our new Book Room art workshop with next month!! 


Chilled cocktails in our backyard after a day at the shop. Try mixing it up with new flavors, like these or this!

Tulips, cherry blossom and other lovely floral and leafy aromas around the shop as we got to collaborate with our friend Em at Frayed Knot Farm again, this time for Mother's Day bouquets! Can't wait for all those who ordered to pick up their beautiful bundles this weekend.  


Always, ever so grateful for science, specifically at this moment.....(vaccines!!) so that we can spend more time with friends and fam. We were so thrilled to start the month with a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit much-missed family. There is healing to be done, and the ocean has always done that for me.  

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