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Vintage at R/S

Design is a driver behind everything we do in the shop, and in good design, whether fashion, interiors, or visual display, you'll discover a beautiful marriage of old + new. That's one of the reasons you'll find vintage gems throughout our shop, sourced by a selective few local collaborators with a shared passion for design. Meet our curators below!



Mollie, Karry & Lauren- the women behind re: COLLECTION, our long-running vintage clothing partner. I love sharing the inspirations I'm feeling with them for the season, they curate their apparel pieces so perfectly. We're always on the same, beautiful page. We know you get it, their pieces get scooped so quickly here. Be sure to take a peek next time you're in!


2. The Sunday Collection

Our vintage homewares partner, The Sunday Collection, is run by our very own R/S team human, Megan! When she's not sourcing the most special vintage treasures, you might catch her taking pics in the shop. She's the goddess of communications with R/S and our ventures. Working alongside her, telling our story about this place & the work, is an honor. She's a really special creature, and you know her eye is on point. You can spot The Sunday Collection home & decor pieces throughout the shop space... we're always finding beautiful ways to mix those vintage textural moments in with the new around here.


3. Gypsy Moth

Let us introduce you to our newest shop fam, Rochelle! Perhaps you've met her already if you've been in lately... Ro's here a few days a week, and also owns her own vintage apparel business, Gypsy Moth. We knew her eye and experience sourcing vintage clothing would be the perfect complement to the shop... she's hosted vintage fashion markets in Cleveland, and she's pals with our gals at Re: COLLECTION- so you know it's all sorts of fabulous. We're so excited to offer Rochelle's looks here in the shop, she's a real talent!


stop in to explore our vintage collections, available only in-shop!
Team R/S
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