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meet the maker

Gaffer & Child

Grigore and Vivian

Owners and Makers
Founded 2014
Based in Topanga Canyon, California


What was the motivation behind the conception of your business?

Both of us suffered from skin conditions that prevented us from wanting to leave the house. We’ve had our fair share of prescription medications to get rid of acne.. harsh products, and empty promises from dermatologists. It wasn’t until we turned to Mother Nature and the purest simplest ingredients that we saw a difference in our skin and confidence. With a passion for helping people, nature and an esthichican license, we’ve joined forces to alchemize the purest plants and botanicals to heal and nourish your beautiful skin.

Where do you get inspiration for creating?

All around us. Being surrounded by all of the healing plants in California continuously inspire us to share new creations for everyone. Seeing your faces light up when we’ve formulated something yummy for everyone’s skin, and being able to add a little magic to your day is what keeps us going.

What values/practices does your business have that you hold close, or that differentiates you?

If it isn’t the best we wont use it. Even if it compromises the original formulation. We want to give every one of you the highest quality botanicals and nourish your skin and soul. We’re here to bring your light to the world with powerful plants so you can let your light shine.

Thank You,
Grigore & Vivian!
xoxo Our Skin


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