Does your family follow a rhythm or routine? What's the difference?

For us, rhythm is found in the flow of our days, weeks, and seasons. Our lives (like a lot!) are too unpredictable to try to stick to a set routine in a lot of ways, so we instead ebb and flow, following the more natural rhythm of our family, our work, our time - which is always evolving. It's not always easy, that approach... but it is accepting the realities of our natures, our desires, our work, and our commitment to each other. We've found beauty and flow in that.

Here's a glimpse into our family's evening rhythm, made up of the little rituals we often speak of, and things we hope to pass on to Ru as he grows.


Jennie & Andrew
10 Nov 2020
Paige Knapp
Adorbs!! Love your family! Chickens and all! So thankful and blessed to call you friends. ❤
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