Spring at the Shop

hey there, spring...

The shift of seasons is approaching, and we are absolutely feeling that cusp of spring here in the shop (and in our homes, and in the garden!) and it is so very welcome. Think softness, in both color and texture. Little pops of gentle color. The idea that growth is happening, and we can look ahead with excitement, (and some patience!) for the season to come. Take a look at what I'm thinking and feeling for spring, and a peek at the inspirations behind the fresh window we've crafted for this beautiful, liminal time that is, juuuusst before the Equinox. xo




sketching a plan...

& a glimpse at the final design::


we look forward to welcoming you all in the shop, and enjoying this season together. xo

05 Mar 2022
Quel plaisir de lire, écouter et voir les sentiments personnels de vous deux que j’adore.

Quelle bonté de partager votre vie personnelle, vos dons artistiques et votre humanité si généreusement avec nous tous.

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