Summer at the Shop

Light & Form

Oh these sun drenched days of summer, they've finally come. That feeling of the sweet light on your skin, the bright reflection warming you all the way through until you have to seek shade. This is a vibrant time, and we chose to channel that kind of electric energy in our early summer window. Inspired by Henri Matisse's "The Swimming Pool" our space speaks of light filled enclaves of an artist. Full of color, texture, music. We imagined a sunroom in the south of France, Nice to be exact... There is that kinetic shape and movement of the forms we created in the art work- the divers, the swimmers, the sea creatures... It's an ode to sun drenched days. Let's soak them up. xo Jennie

sketching a plan...
and a glimpse at the final design...

stop in soon to see the new work in person and take a look what's new for the summer season!


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