Sweet & Citrusy Salad Recipe

From Salad Freak, the newest cookbook title to arrive at the shop


Flipping through Salad Freak, this recipe had our hearts forever at labneh... and with a citrusy, rose hinted twist, it's perfection. Bright, slightly floral, but also so sweet and fresh with the melon and cukes.. We certainly weren't surprised, given that Jess happens to be a personal salad chef to Martha Stewart..quite the credential. This recipe is an easy one to mix up depending on the season, you'll see a few suggestions for different fruits to try, from goldenberries to cantaloupe (like we did, a win! We also tossed a little of my homemade pistachio dukkuh on top for a little sass..). As Jess demonstrates throughout her new book, salads certainly don't need to be one note, and also shouldn't be relegated to just lunch or dinner (we have our eyes on the citrus breakfast salad with spicy granola next...). 



Recipe Instructions: 

1. In a small bowl, stir together 1/4 cup labneh with the zest of 1 blood orange and 1 tablespoon of orange juice. Season with salt.

2. Cut 1 cup goldenberries in half (or thinly slice persimmons if using those, or supreme 1 orange, or cut 1 cup of cantaloupe). We went with the cup of cantaloupe, since it was in season! Next, slice the cucumbers.

3. To assemble, spread the labneh across the plate using the bottom of a spoon. Scatter the fruit across the spread, then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with the Za'atar seasoning. If you're not making your own Rose Petal Za'atar (recipe found in Salad Freak!) Jess recommends a bit of sumac, toasted sesame seeds and fresh mint for a fresher taste.



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