The New Essentials:: At Home Celebrations

There are very few times everyone in the WORLD will agree on something, but I think it's safe to say that *most* people are happy to say a big time farewell to 2020 and welcome a New Year. We don't want to scare you, 2021, but we have some seriously high hopes for you- from success with the vaccine to life resuming to - fingers crossed - a somewhat, safely hug ya friend, kind of normal. No matter what happens in the New Year, we all deserve a celebration for getting through this past one. Here are a few of our essentials for throwing a memorable at-home NYE celebration.



Oysters from Kate's Fish 

It would seem we like to celebrate just about everything with's in the West Side Market always has us covered. -A



Rose Geranium Syrup

Let us count the ways you can use this herbal infused syrup... over french toast, to flavor a cocktail or sparkling water, or to sweeten anything from yogurts and desserts to jazzin up marinades for meats and fishes. But our most favorite, and NYE-friendly use for this rose geranium syrup is to drizzle just a wee bit into your champagne glass. *Chef's kiss* - J



Isis Ice Bucket

Speaking of the bubbs... here's a most beautiful nesting place for said tipple.  - A


Beeswax Taper Candles


100% beeswax, 100% beautiful. A set of two taper candles to let flicker through the evening, long enough to toast to 2021 in their glow. - J


Cocktails and Canapes

Is it just me, or does the word canape just kind of joosh everything up a bit? Sicilian style baked olives, wild mushroom tartlets, Ssam chicken skewers (our current favorite)..yep, this book has all the snack treats for the evening down. You'll also find easy-to-make-at-home cocktail recipes, including a few booze-free ones for those not drinking! - A


Black & Gold Cheese Serving Set

A modern little cheese knife situation to beautifully accentuate aforementioned snacks.. - J 


Disco String Lights

Honestly, I think this one just speaks for itself, no? - A


Bar Oni & Spotted Owl NYE Packages

This. This is where our heads are at for the night- A marriage of two of the city's top-notch establishments with all the thoughtful, impeccable Japanese treats and drink pairings you could hope for. Since having to cancel our long-awaited trip to Tokyo at the beginning of last year, we have been pining for that sense of place, and of course, its food culture. So, we could not hope for a better offering from these two... check it out stat, pre-order starts today! -J








Jennie & Andrew
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