The New Essentials:: Family Meals

As Ru becomes ever more fascinated with our work in the kitchen, our family mealtime essentials have changed slightly as we do all we can to include and engage him in this space that we hold so dear. Check out our New Essentials, family meals edition. 



Little Big Trivet


Function is huge in our house. And this heavy hitter has it. It slides wider for our huge Staub dutch oven and then shimmies closer for our coffee carafe. Double duty and great design are always welcome. -A



Himalayan Rock Salt


Pass the salt never looked sexier.  -J



Children's Cooking Set


If you have a little one at home that loves to be right underneath you while you cook (ahem, like Ru...), this cooking set is a perfect way to keep them occupied while also teaching them to help. It's made with real wood, so can safely be used if you want to show them how to stir, roll dough, and other tasks their small hands and tools can help with! -J


What's Cooking at 10 Garden Street


This! Why didn't we think to write this?? What's Cooking at 10 Garden Street is an illustrated cookbook for budding chefs, taking them through a diverse cultural mix of yummy dishes being cooked and shared at the 10 Garden Street apartment building. From kid-favorites like spaghetti and banana bread to dishes that may introduce new ingredients like tahini and turmeric, each recipe explains how to make the dish, along with engaging illustrations. We know some kids are not adventurous eaters, but maybe by letting them pick the recipe and take part in the process, they will be more open to trying new things! -A


Always Add Lemon

And now the cookbook for the grown-ups. This is a new one to the shop and we're currently working our way through it, trying our hand at Danielle's incredibly fresh, thoughtful recipes. This book is vegetable-forward (with a smattering of ever so sexy meat and fish bits too...) so it's been a great resource to create dishes with what we've put up from the garden, as well as helping in our commitment to cutting back on meat consumption. Our cookbook collection grows ever stronger, and this one is an ever so solid addition to our obsession. Current fav? The Ribollita with borlotti beans and cavolo nero..a most noble use for the last of our winter kale, and our small but mighty harvest of dry beans. Rich, warming, and nourishing to the core. Exactly what we need now. -J

Jennie & Andrew
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