Welcome to our Botanical Diary, following along with the growing season at Frayed Knot Farm.

As new blooms come to life at this Northeast Ohio farmstead, we're sharing information and at-home styling inspiration for each plant.


A real stunner with their excessive peach fuzz, tender, hollow stems and delicate orange petals. Dare I say, my favorite variation of this bloom is one that has been hit by a frost. It turns the orange petals into a near crimson red and the leaves an even darker green

This flower is delicate and strong. Just the traits I admire.

-Zoe Apisdorf, Frayed Knot Farms

A native of Mexico and Central America where it grows as a perennial, hence its common name, “Mexican Sunflower”. Grown as an annual in Ohio and most northern states, Tithonia is actually a member of the daisy family, but still kissing cousins with sunflowers.


CULTURE IMAGEAt Cerén, a Maya village destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 650 CE, ethnobiologists (what a cool job!) found evidence of a living fence of giant Tithonia. This style of planting is still used in the region today. (Krazy Kioti)


Styling Notes

The color of these petals is so singular and striking, I truly cannot compare it to anything else I've seen. The softness of their shape, paired with that almost shocking vibrancy bring a transfixing quality to these blooms, a bit like the two couldn't possibly belong together- but do!


Let these beauties float together in large wild bunches. We chose our darling Jean face vase again for these, as there is a lighthearted playfulness to their form. I love the stem texture and zippy green color- so let them play and sway together at various heights!



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Meet the Collaborators


Emily Pek is founder of Frayed Knot Farm and steward to the land it operates on. Thirty miles east of downtown Cleveland, Emily grows over 50 varieties of annual and perennial flowers, many of which are heirloom seeds on less than an acre. Using hand scale and regenerative farming practices, the farm has transformed from mowed grass and heavy clay soil to a thriving ecologically diverse ecosystem.



Jennie Doran is the designer and artist behind Room Service. Her passion for creating engaging, inspiring spaces, paired with her experience in retail design and art direction has situated R/S as one of Ohio’s preeminent retail destinations. With a keen eye for detail and composition, her work extends from large scale art installation to interiors, from costume design to art direction and styling.

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