Welcome to our Botanical Diary, following along with the growing season at Frayed Knot Farm.

As new blooms come to life at this Northeast Ohio farmstead, we're sharing information and at-home styling inspiration for each plant.



24 June 2020 // Valariana officinalis


I love botanicals that are both beautiful and edible.

It takes two years for the roots to be ready for harvest but in the meantime you get beautiful blooms to enjoy. Typically the plant dies back in the second year but will sow new seeds or produce new growth.

A true regenerative beauty.

-Em Pek, Frayed Knot Farms



In medieval Sweden, it was sometimes placed in the wedding clothes of the groom to ward off the "envy" of the elves. (Source: Wikipedia)

Valerian - Historical


Styling Notes

These feel ever so cottage garden to me, and call out for low key, breezy summer decor.

Valerian Styled 1

Put these in easy, wild bunches- simple wine tumblers work perfectly as vessels, scattered about a table or buffet, or grouped organically as centerpieces.

Valerian Styled 2


Meet the Collaborators


Emily Pek is founder of Frayed Knot Farm and steward to the land it operates on. Thirty miles east of downtown Cleveland, Emily grows over 50 varieties of annual and perennial flowers, many of which are heirloom seeds on less than an acre. Using hand scale and regenerative farming practices, the farm has transformed from mowed grass and heavy clay soil to a thriving ecologically diverse ecosystem.



Jennie Doran is the designer and artist behind Room Service. Her passion for creating engaging, inspiring spaces, paired with her experience in retail design and art direction has situated R/S as one of Ohio’s preeminent retail destinations. With a keen eye for detail and composition, her work extends from large scale art installation to interiors, from costume design to art direction and styling.

Jennie & Em
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