"Taste Large" Rock Salt - Set of 4

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  • Contains 4 salt rocks from around the world, total approx. 240g
  • KALA NAMAK SALT – India, shimmering black rock salt with unique exotic fragrance and flavor, ideal for spicing indian and oriental dishes, min 97% NaCI
  • HALIT SALT – Pakistan, crystal clear cubic rock salt, very intense natural salt taste, suitable for all everyday dishes, min 99% NaCl
  • ROSE SALT - Bolivia, pink rose rock salt, mild-sweet taste, suitable for meat and vegetable dishes, min 98% NaCI
  • ALPINE SALT – Austria, visually striking red-brown rock salt, very intense taste, best used on dark meat dishes, min 87% NaCI

Refill for the Himalayan Rock Salt Gift Set

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