About us

Room Service is the collective work of owners Jennie Doran and Andrew Worm, two artists that believe that curiosity, function, and beauty deserve a place in everyday life.

Both originate from artistic backgrounds: Jennie in Fashion Design, Visual Display, and Art Direction; Andrew in Filmmaking, Theater, and Production. These worlds have come together to create artists with a passion for storytelling, community, and beautiful spaces.

Through Room Service, Andrew and Jennie collect and present the goods and stories of a collection of makers, designers, and artisans from the tiniest of villages to teeming cities, allowing the spirit to wander a bit in a bespoke retail space that encourages discovery and conversation.

In addition to their retail spaces, R/S love to collaborate on creative projects large and small, reach out to discuss possibilities in:

  • Art Direction
  • Visual Merchandising and In-store Creative
  • Retail Consulting
  • Window Design
  • Set Design
  • Art Installation and Environments