Welcome to our Botanical Diary, following along with the growing season at Frayed Knot Farm.

As new blooms come to life at this Northeast Ohio farmstead, we're sharing information and at-home styling inspiration for each plant.


If I aspired to be a flower, this is it.

I draw a lot of strength from these mysterious beauties, they are typically a biennal which means it takes two years to complete their full life cycle and bloom. A lot of patience is involved. This particular variety though is a perennial, blooming every year but with shorter growth. I'm intriguied by natures ability to create something exquistely beautiful and at the same time very toxic.

Essentially, I might look nice but don't push it.

-Em Pek, Frayed Knot Farms

Foxglove was mostly found in the eastern hemispshere and is now grown commonly in gardens as a polliator. It is documented as being used as a heart arythmia medicine in the 18th century, but most likely long before. However, the same digoxin that helps heart patients is also what makes it poisonous . (Source: and


CULTURE IMAGE"A lovely old legend told here ... explains why foxgloves bob and sway even when there is no wind: this is the plant bowing to the fairy folk as they pass by. The spires of foxgloves growing on our hill mark it out a place beloved by fairies, a land filled with riddles, secrets, and stories. I walk its paths, listen to the tales, and then do my best to bring them back to you." (from Myth & Moor)


Styling Notes

Architecture meets whimsy.
I adore the fanciful look of digitalis, it's almost an impossible looking bloom- defying gravity with its proud, upright flower stalk.


Take advantage of the gorgeous height these blooms offer and use a smaller neck vessel to group them with an eye towards vertical interest. These are total showstopers, so show off that wild pattern and color!!



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Meet the Collaborators


Emily Pek is founder of Frayed Knot Farm and steward to the land it operates on. Thirty miles east of downtown Cleveland, Emily grows over 50 varieties of annual and perennial flowers, many of which are heirloom seeds on less than an acre. Using hand scale and regenerative farming practices, the farm has transformed from mowed grass and heavy clay soil to a thriving ecologically diverse ecosystem.



Jennie Doran is the designer and artist behind Room Service. Her passion for creating engaging, inspiring spaces, paired with her experience in retail design and art direction has situated R/S as one of Ohio’s preeminent retail destinations. With a keen eye for detail and composition, her work extends from large scale art installation to interiors, from costume design to art direction and styling.

Jennie & Em
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