Greek Isles:: Summer Window Display

The Feeling

Walking on warm, white, sun-drenched stone, a misty sea breeze soaks into your skin.. you find that perfect little table to settle into together while you look out onto the most striking cobalt blue waters...

The Inspiration

The bright feel of the Mediterranean, specifically pulling from the high contrast look of the Greek Isles. 

How We'll Recreate the Look

To capture this aesthetic and feeling, we are in the process of creating a series of 3-D, white stucco archways that will extend from the window's back wall at the shop. Layers of  torn paper, in various shades of deepening blues will cascade across the wall, mimicking the deepening cobalt and turquoise colorways of the sea. These shades and textures will be complemented with an intimate patio moment, styled with bright red and pink florals for a pop of added contrast, and tabletop pieces from our newest collection.

Mood Board

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