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Spring, dear friend, is that you?? I can't wait (no, really, I cannot wait any longer) to see you. xoxo



The inspirational story of Erin and Chris of Floret Farms. Did anyone else watch the season sneak peek on Discovery?? The beauty and complexity of growing a small business as a family makes me feel things (as you know), and if that's not enough the Skagit Valley holds a very special place in my heart. I've played in the rivers, stomped in that those lush Cascade foothills since I will a little girl.  If you're as intrigued and moved by the beauty of their farm & family as I am, check out their absolutely indispensable tome on cut flower gardening, now in the shop!


Ru "read" his favorite book, The Worm and the Bird. (Yes, sometimes it's upside down..doesn't seem to bother him much..)


 A herbaceous cocktail or two, made with this simple syrup. Here's the recipe to try at home! 

A hot, hot freshly brewed pot of coffee ya'll- a close companion always, but especially these last few busy weeks of moving, organizing, and planning for the shop and its next big steps.


SO thrilled to be back in the garden! Little garlic sprouts are popping up, the bulbs are peeking through and the Iris look great after the winter... We'll be sharing updates of our growing season, so follow along over on Instagram if that's your kinda thing too.

26 Apr 2021
Andrew Worm
Thank you for reading and your kind words.

A & J
26 Apr 2021
Vaibhav NAhar
I really enjoyed the article. You make it more interesting. Thanks!!
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