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meet the maker

Falcon Feather



Owner and Maker
Founded 2005
Based in Brooklyn, New York


What was the motivation behind the conception of your business?


Jewelry making has been my big love for over two decades, all starting in 1995 in Athens, Greece, where I helped out in a small jewelry workshop. As soon as I could get tools in my hands, I worked alongside the jewelers, learning from them little by little. Those early lessons have helped to keep me going in this business for many years!

Where do you get inspiration for creating?


From nature primarily, but also from metaphysical stories I've read, and from admiring great architectural works. But over time I've also realized that none of my work would exist without the people in my life; maybe they are my greatest inspiration. From my interactions with passionate customers, I can almost immediately envision new designs.

When creating new lines, I'll start with three possible styles or storylines and the people around me will somehow guide me into completing this line... the way they wear pieces, the comments and observations they'll make... I feel a true connection in those moments and the good, creative vibes are then in motion.

What values/practices does your business have that you hold close, or that differentiates you?


I'm proud that Falcon Feather has stayed true to its small roots. The personal connection I have with each customer is something I wouldn't trade for any amount of money. I get to speak with most people who buy my pieces and I could be friends with all of them. I feel so connected to my community of customers and it brings me so much joy when I hear someone is still wearing a piece I made them, many years later.


Thank you for sharing, Bilyana!


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