The New Essentials:: Valentine's Day

And just like that, it's nearly FEBRUARY. Whhhattt. 2021 is moving quickly, friends, and Valentine's Day is creeping around the corner. We put together some gift ideas for your partner, friends, or even to treat yourself with. Because we're all for spreading love, anywhere and everywhere we can. 



The Best Blanket for Snuggling

Don't be fooled by its soft touch, this blanket is heirloom tough and made to last for years to come. -A



Link Necklace by Liza Michelle Jewelry

For the one you're forever linked to. This includes YOU. Our relationship with ourselves- the most important and reliable one we've got. Digging this style? We have plenty of other handcrafted pieces by Liza Michelle Jewelry in the shops to explore. - J



Gorgo Incense

The ultimate way to spark a mood and elevate the atmosphere for you and yours. - A


Nature Puzzle

The perfect date night activity at home, whether with your partner or your best pal.  ( Unless you are Andrew and I, in which case puzzles are not the most relaxing couple activity, ha!) We also carry this cool (pun absolutely intended) puzzle. - J


Mast Chocolate 

It's a Valentine's Day cliche for a reason, ya'll. Stock up! (in the shops only) -J




Jennie & Andrew
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